An accurate, ergonomic, flexible and secure solution.

 MCPI process controllers are designed to make full use of MCPI Fine dosing technology  thanks to:

  • An accurate instrumentation
  • The operation with 3 output flows (coarse - medium - fine).
  • The algorithm for calculation of overshoot

Our controllers combine  high-tech weighing performances with the ergonomics of a colour touch screen control and easy operation for users .

Technical advantages:

User interface

 6" high quality colour touch screen display with graphical information. Easy to use and understand, dedicated to feeding process.

Weighing technology

 100 000  resolution points, short reaction time based on an efficient signal filtration system.

Product parameters storage

 100 product recipes can be stored, for flexible and safe operation.

Data storage

 800 000 feeding results are memorised in the controller data exchange with USB stick or network connection.

Feeding operation
  •  3 feeding flows operation (coarse, medium and fine), to optimise accuracy and dosing time. An MCPI exclusivity to benefit from the advantages of MCPI Fine dosing® technology

  • Inverter frequencies (corresponding to coarse, medium and fine flows) are integrated and stored in each product recipe , they are configurable from the touch interface.

  • Automatic correction of overshoot, with setup of the maximum correction interval.


Protection with 3 separate pass words:

  • One for maintenance parameters (including calibration)

  • 3 levels for production: one free + 2 different pass words for operator and supervisor 

  • All recipes can be transferred to a USB stick.


Protocol : Modbus TCPIP (Ethernet link). An integrated exchange table  to simplify the communication with almost all types of PLC

Multi controllers

Versions to command 2 - 3 - 4 feeders with the same screen are proposed (see photo below).



3 feeding flows (coarse, medium and fine), to optimise accuracy and dosing time


Provides proof of feeding quality for third parties, enables users to optimise settings and  monitor production operations.

The analysis of results can be carried out on Excel ® software.




Registration of each feeding with: full identification of product, date and time, set values and actual results OK / NO (in / out of range of tolerance).

The results can be transferred to your PC via a USB stick..



More about the user friendly design: 


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