Some advantages highlighted by our customers, in comparision with auger feeders:

 MCPI Fine dosing® Avantages
  • A  100% hygienic design:
  • No more motors, loads cells that are all outgrowths impossible to clean,
  • No more tedious dismantling operations - and screws impossible to wash! All the components of MCPI Fine dosing® feeders are integrated in a sealed case.
  • An exceptional extraction capacity:
  • No more agitators and flexible side hoppers !
  • A safe operation for users:
  • No more  screws, agitators and their re entrant corners, which are a real hazard for the staff.
  • Reduced maintenance costs:
  • No more breakage and wear of screws, production downtime and costly repairs.
  • Unparalleled efficiency and stable operation:
  • No more clogging of the screws.
  • No more flow pulses
  • No more  unstable overshoots
  • A full respect of material:
  • No more  mechanical friction leading to compaction and  deterioration of the dosed ingredient.
  • No more restrictions for abrasive ingredients.

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